Booktrack: Reading Never Sounded So Good

I don't know if I feel blessed or cursed when I came across A's post about Booktrack.

What is Booktrack, you ask. Well, it's like watching the movies, only better. While you read, there are sounds (ambient, sound effects and music) on the background, integrated within the e-book. I am not sure, however, with how you are going to welcome the idea. Some people want complete silence while reading as they get distracted by the faintest click. Some can read with beeps honking. You can count me in on the latter group.

I can totally isolate myself in a different world even if I'm in a busy area. So, I guess with Book Tracks, I would be tremendously immersed in my reading. Totally. And I need to read at home to be safe. Translation: No dashing jeepeneys. No potential mobile phone snatching.

Here, watch this Booktrack Video to know what I am talking about.

So? How was it? Did you like idea? Or like like it? Or hate it? I read a lot of negative reactions. Some think the imagination of the reader is taken away by the emerging technology. They say it ruins the essence of reading. But I feel the opposite: I dig it! :) Love it! Want it! It gives me the technology itch!

Want more? Here are the Booktrack demo samples:

Sherlock Holmes - The Adventure of the Speckled Band

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi Booktrack Trailer

Hansel and Gretel Booktrack Trailer

It's like 4D, huh? It's like having an extra sense in your body. But, I would never want to read suspense and horror booktracks, especially at night and when I'm alone. It will only make me go bonkers. I like the raining effects in Sherlock Holmes' Booktrack. I don't know if they really hire an entire orchestra to do a single booktrack. Everything should be copyrighted, I know.

The Power of Six (Sequel to I am Number Four, which was a great movie) Booktrack is up for $12.99. Here are other booktracks for sale.

The sad part of my story is I don't have an ebook reader to start with. :(

That's my Christmas wish! :) Take note: wish; doesn't land on my Christmas shopping list. I am hoping I have a Santa Claus out there. *Ahem*

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