Chateau Royale: A Batangas Weekend Getaway

Last Saturday, I was invited to join a mini vacation in Batangas. Those who invited me were my officemates, but they belong to a different department. I tagged along since they also invited two ladies from my department.

Guess how much do we get to pay for an overnight stay in the resort? Php500! I know, I know. It's pretty cheap for this resort's facilities. They actually got this deal from Metro Deal (I think. I am not so sure.) Those coupon sites like Ensogo and CashCashPinoy have a way with me and my office mates lately; we just bought another deal for Php200! I'm going to tell you soon what the deal is all about.

I have to warn you of picture overload starting right now.

Look how happy I am. I look like a bruja with my curls bouncing everywhere. Haha.

These buddhas are everywhere. They look scary that I haven't managed to take a close up photos of each. 

These white, gigantic egg chairs were our favorite photo props when we arrived. They're just located outside the lobby, overlooking the swimming pool. 

And here's the pool. They have artificial white sand scattered around it. The pool has areas 6-feet deep and I like being in that area. The pool on the other side with a slide is for the kids.

I like this part of the resort -- where the cabins are. Unfortunately, I haven't had a picture in front of it. Those who were with me weren't that photo savvy, so I was kinda hesitant to pose all over the place. This part here is beautiful at night with the lights and everything. We didn't stay here though. When you scroll up to the first pic, you'll see our room on the right side of the frame.

This is what you'll see upon entering the room that we stayed in. The room's pretty huge for four people. You can eat on the table or play poker while drinking ice-cold Antonov until morning. We did the latter. And I was happy I finally get to know how to play poker. We did not win, though. We because me and my two other lady friends teamed up. 

You can actually pack the cabinets and drawer's with a week's groceries and clothes. It's more than enough for an overnight stay. 

Chateau Royale has a mini-zoo which showcases exotic and colorful birds, monkeys and wild boars. This reindeer is pretty sad and confused. Wished he could go help Santa give gifts this Christmas. Maybe he'll be happy.

And we caught a glimpse of these lovely ducks playing with each other. I like taking their pictures. I remembered doing a similar shot on a duck in Laguna last year. 

And while walking towards the fishing area of the resort, a bee and some butterflies were gracefully enjoying the blooms. I just have to stop and take a snapshot. 

Don't you love the smell of cherry tomatoes? They're so luscious they're squished and squashed by my hands, only in my mind. These are actually for sale. Grown and nurtured on the resort's own garden. They also have some orchids and lots of vegetables. 

On our way home the next day, we decided not to eat in the resort. Dinner the night before was well not that good. And it's pretty expensive. We ate in Guañezo Canteen in Mahogany Market, Tagaytay instead. It was delish. I love the tawilis and the free señoritas. 

Chateau Royale Sports and Country Club is a great place to spend the weekend. Don't worry about not being able to go to church on a Sunday -- they have anticipated masses on Saturdays. :) And it's very accessible, only a few minutes from Tagytay.

For more information about this place, you can go visit their official website:

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