Lately, I got hooked with this

Okay, I remembered my younger self saying that giveaway blogs are a waste of time. But, earlier this month, I began eating my words. I created a giveaway/coupon/deal blog inspired by Metrodeal, Ensogo and CashCashPinoy and urged by financial shortcomings. See.

Christmas is fast approaching and my bank accounts are well, not that stuffed, close to empty. But, I am happy to know that me (and mom) have paid all our debts (that I knew of. I think she is still keeping some secrets.) Believe me, borrowing will not get you anywhere. I don't want to elaborate the drama of my life. But, if you are watching Pretty Little Liars, then you can say that I can totally relate to Hanna and her mom. :} It's something that we tackle together and though it's something that I detest, it's something that shapes up your character and stretches out your patience.

Anyway, so I am happy because so far, I have won several things which could really help me in some of my endeavors. Here, take a look.

Dreamland, a book by Alyson Noel. 

I won this from a book giveaway on Coffee Table Reviews. I was too excited in joining this raffle that I failed to read the note that this contest is only open to US and Canada only. I almost sighed when I remembered him. Told the host to send the package to his name. I wonder if he'll be able to receive it. 

You can read the Dreamland book blurb (the excerpt found on the back of the book) here if you want to.

won a free .com domain!

The contest was over, but the host was so generous to have extended it for some late applicants like me. And yey, I won one of the five free domains. Great news, eh? I already sent them my desired domain and I'm keeping it a secret for now. :)

Giveaways are fun. But it's hard keeping up with all the giveaways in the blogosphere. Hope I can win Paypal cash! 

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