Liking the New Facebook Timeline

I have read all about this Facebook bold move all over the internet since yesterday, Sept. 22. I did notice a change in my Facebook homepage -- the blue tabbed posts, the ever moving Ticker, the cute photo collages of your albums and {drum roll} the Facebook Timeline.

The reactions of the people on Yahoo!News were negative. Everything I read equated to one single statement: I hate the new Facebook. {Yet, again.} And they all believed that,

If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

Read all about the New Facebook News and Violent Users' Reactions: The Future of Facebook: Out with profile pages, in with the Timeline.

But, what do I think about it? First, let me show you my Facebook Profile Timeline:

Facebook Header. You can now have a cover photo (like a blog's header)

The Facebook Timeline, which shows up instead of your old profile.
So, here are my thoughts about it:
  • I like the way the album is displayed -- sort of like a photo collage. And each photo album has a different collage style, so good. I long for variety. In almost everything.
  • Love the cover photo. If blog:header, then facebook:cover photo.
  • You have your happy memories in one page. In my case, happy memories only since I don't put my sad stories in facebook. I'd prefer to write about it in my private space. Each scroll is like a spray of different scent, activates the specific time in your brain and plays back a lot of picture frames in your head. Whether it's
Graduation. Wow. 

Movie marathons during the review. Lol. I miss our room!

Or the photo opps with the barkada on the rooftop on an ordinary day.
  • The new facebook is very specific. You can add a roommate, upload your first picture together and puts it in your timeline in that specific date. It's pretty dynamic. :}

Oops, have to change the pic. :D

  • It summarizes everything per month, per year -- friends you've made, number photos taken with this or that, the number of people that greeted you on your birthday, etc.
13 new friends in August!
I love variety and the new facebook kind of irritated me at first, but when I get to scroll down and see the milestones in my life, a smile formed on my lips. 

I'm still with Facebook, as long as they don't allow its users to control their respective Facebook Timline display properties. Err, I'm talking about changing the font color, background and the likes. 

Want to try it out? Follow the instructions found on this page: How to Activate Your Facebook Timeline

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