Midnight Chilling at Seattle's Best

We had a pretty long day, but we just can't end it that early. So, before going home, we had to sip some coffee at Seattle's Best. It's a perfect place for nightcaps and talks.

My workmates -- J and A. (And, by the way, they have blogs now! So you can go visit them.) Can't tell if they're tired or sleepy. With a place as cozy as this, who wouldn't want to just sit, sip and stare? Me. Because I'd love to have my pictures taken. Good thing it's only us and a bunch of other solo customers in the cafe.

Two things I love the most -- glossy magazines and cold beverages. I need to have that HSBC credit card. Free drink from Starbucks.

It seems like it's not only me who loves instant photo opps. Here's T, sitting in front of the display cabinet. He can do this because of his size. Lol. 

Here's our orders. Mine's on the left. I had Raspberry Mocha Kiss. It looks perfect in the menu, but it's opposite in reality. The whip cream isn't nicely done and so is the chocolate stick, but I got enticed by the flavors, anyway. I have to had a second chocolate stick, but the calories would add up. I forgot what they've ordered.

Browse the Seattle's Best Coffee Menu here. Estimated cost per meal is Php200. The drinks range from Php90 to Php200. We had Cheetos and Lays to munch on. I know, not the perfect combination, but I love chips. A had ordered some cake and I haven't taken a picture. :(

We took turns having our pictures taken with this wall as the background. Cute, huh? I want to do this in my own room someday. I love details. Sometimes, it's great going out with friends. You don't have to be shy in taking casual photos. 

To my friend who took this picture, I owe you. I love shots like these. These are what I call 'For her' shots. You know, shots without faces, only body parts and details. :)

Seattle's Best Coffee
G/F Entertainment Mall Bldg., 
SM Mall of Asia, 
Bay City Pasay City, 
Metro Manila Philippines 
Tel. No.: (02) 556-0726

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