Pep Talking Myself

I am kind of feeling down (again) today. I don't know. I am distracted at work. I don't have the interest in things that I do except blogging. Everything just feels so... wrong.

Melancholy gets me these days. Tsk. And though I love the word -- the way the letters are arranged next to each other and the way they sound, I never want to be in that state.

So, I hit Pinterest to gather some inspiration to perk me up because I believe

That's what I am trying to do. I always overthink and my mind always speed up to the future when things aren't the way I know they should be. So, another note to self on this:
These lady rules are so right. One of their rules became my motto when it comes to men, my man, actually. But when I think about {love}, I don't know if I should be happy or sad or moving on or holding on. 

If this is true, then why did he left me here. But this doesn't bug me like it used to bug me before. I was a crazy freak before, and I have to commend myself for working on that weak part of me. I now have self-control and I now control my own happiness.

Letting go is letting a part of yourself go. And it's always difficult. This tip has helped me in letting negative emotions go:

And it's blogging. It makes me feel alive and it makes me believe that I am not alone. Sometimes, I feel like a missing puzzle piece and it's tormenting. It scares me how am I going to be five years from now. It seems that I am off with my life. I do not know where to find the rest of the puzzle. All I know is I love writing. And I want to dance. Sadly,
But Albert Einstein made it big. Wow, he is epic. It's just sad I've figured what I wanted to do for a living when it's kinda too late. As I have said, I wanted to write and dance and inspire. I wanted to be a digital nomad, a contemporary artist, but I have no formal education and 

Lol. At remorseful times like these, I tell myself that

Gawd, I miss my dogs so much! It's September and still we'er apart.

But life is full of surprises and I am ready to give it a tease. Who knows what I'll be next year, where I'll be, where blogging will take me. Who I'll be and what I do for a living. I promise myself to

every single day. And, oh, I have to remind myself to 

After all, my friend told me I'm the Crown Princess. It has something to do with my real name. :}

There. Hope with my self pep talk, I also have lifted up your spirits.

Life will always be good. 

Let go and let God. 

*All pictures taken from Pinterest.

Signing off, Ima watch Pretty Little Liars Epi 11 to Epi n! :)

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