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This post brought to you by Cafe Well. All opinions are 100% mine.

I don't understand why I have gained additional weight. Do muscles weigh heavier than fats? I want to believe that I have developed muscles instead of having accumulated additional fats.

No, I wouldn't want to post this on my facebook page. I wouldn't want to appear as an insecure, superficial and vain being, do I? But, I guess it would be better if I can rant on health stuff like these to people who could actually listen and care. Then, I found out all about Café Well. Just what I need.

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What is Café Well?

Cafe Well is a social network like Facebook that enables health-conscious people to interact.

Since health information are private matters to most people, you can participate in this social network anonymously. It's safe and secure. You can find support for your chronic conditions, give diet styles and you can exchange lifestyle tips. For instance, they have this program called Race to the Moon.

What is Race to the Moon?

Race to the Moon is a wellness program hosted by Café Well and sponsored by HealthAmerica. Wireless pedometers are given out for free to interested participants to track their running/walking distance.

Your accumulated number of steps is equivalent to rewards. Yeah, this is plainly amazing. I mean, you're already staying healthy and you get bonuses for doing the right thing. How could you not be thrilled with Hawaii adventures as prizes for your health milestones?

With motivation like this one, the program has had the participants walked a total of 50 MILLION steps in less than a month. Cool, eh?

Health Challenge

Glad this program had a way to reach me. Inspiration has advanced to the home base. I'm creating a jogging challenge with my officemates. We are to jog 3 km at least twice a week. I'm up for it, as long as I have my Shape-ups. Jogging wouldn't be enough though. A game or three of ultimate frisbee after the jog will seal the challenge. 

So, yeah. Summer is just around the corner. And I need to slash one of my life lists -- wear a bikini. To curvaceuos bodies and healthy lifestyle, cheers.

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