I'm Embracing 2012 Tight

Yo, you! Hit play to start the year right. :)

Last year wasn't exactly my year. Back read and you'll know why. December oh eleven was an exception, though. I got to be the normal me, the me that have existed during the years before six years ago. The normal me, fun and fab. The anti-melodramatic me. Back to December. I had a blast last month -- first ever blate, frisbee tourneys, reunions and happiness. :)

Twenty twelve is an extension of the December Daze. 

So, let me tell you the rules/goals/challenges that I have gathered up for myself. You can call them resolutions, but whatever. Let's start. 

My playlist is strictly party music only. Yes, because moving on songs are so 2011. Which reminds me, I have to get going with my Dance and Party Playlist. Though I miss him. A lot. :( 

Focus on my career. I am talking about my day job. I don't know, but I think I was kind of lame in my job this year. But, now that I am given the chance -- a fresh a start, a new year, I'm going to take it seriously. I used to be uptight. I wonder where that girl went. 

Do the online job hunt. My oDesk job was kind of on hold. I want to get another hourly job, aside writing for Factoidz. I can be really lazy, but I need the moolah. 

Operation Sculpt mi body. I have a muffin top. Ick. I can feel my fats everywhere and it's making me uncomfortable. To get rid of this, I can only do 4 things: (1) Jog, (2) Play Frisbee, (3) Do crunches and (4) Eat healthy. My goal:

Read the bible. Last year, for a few months, I have managed to read the bible every night, but I lost grip. This year, I am hoping I would read every page and fall in love with God's words and even blog about it. I am a deeply spiritual kind of person, I am just not religious. I have to buy the 2012 guide, the one with a good everyday story to keep me hooked up. 

Join and stand by a cause. Sometimes, when I am so happy, I want to do every good deed in this world, but that fades away as soon as I get distracted or sad. As of now, the only thing that I am so passionate about is dogs. When I see animal abuse, I want to cry. I'm thinking of joining PAWS. Or joining an outreach for the kids. Or sponsor a scholar. I just have to be a little selfless and I have a hard time doing that. I am so full of myself. And that is kind of unhealthy.

**** Are you still with me? I have lots to say. You can skip reading if you want. Hehe.

Travel more. With Ensogo, CashCashPinoy and the likes, why can't I? Because I kind of feel guilty spending all those cash for myself. I mean, I have dogs to take care and people to help. :) But, I want to travel! So, that's why I'm pursuing online jobs so I can be less guilty about the money that I spend for myself.   After Mt. Pinatubo, I want to snorkel, surf and sand ski. Haha, suddenly I'm all so adventurous. New me, k?

Cook. I honestly feel that I have a talent for cooking. (Haha.) I don't know, but I like the way that my cooked dish tastes. I'm thinking of buying an electronic stove early this year. I miss cooking for myself, peeling potatoes and adding a dash of salt to a boiling water, etc etc.

Blog about worthwhile things and meet more online friends. 'Nuff said. This year, I was glad that some people were reading me regularly. And that I was able to connect with them through time and I even got to meet them in person! Friends, we've become. :) There's something about online friends that we can't find in our offline friends. I don't know if you know that feeling? But, I'm planning to gain more online friends. :) And do more blates. Yay. 

Be a better friend. I am not the great friend that you can have. I am not thoughtful. I don't give gifts. I care less. I don't spill my personal stories. I suck. Haha. But, I realized that I do have great friends despite the attitude that I show them that I want to be a good friend to them, too. I guess I'm improving in this area. I do things that I wouldn't normally do just because a friend ask me to do it. Of course, they're nothing illegal, negative or the likes. Think about simpler favors like watching a live volleyball game. *Ahem.

Be a better housemate. I would clean the house, my room and I would pay the bills and track them and record them. I will I will this year! Love you, housemates. :) 

Finish reading the books. I've dozens of books waiting to be read. I've started most, but I don't like progressing because I feel that I'm losing a friend if I finish a book. Yes, I'm weird like that. Haha. Will still be visiting the booksales. And buy more books. Gawd, I need a new shelf. 

Clean up my life mess and tame my wild side. Yes, I do have a wild side. Listen to Cobra Starship's (and Leighton Meester's) Good Girls Gone Bad. Someone told me that good girls are just bad girls who didn't get caught. *Raise an eyebrow, bat the eyelashes. Lol, I'm working on this, but the glasses have started to crack already. Pft.

Catch up with the cool shows. Because I can't get enough of the great love vs the right love in Gossip Girl. I just watched epi one of GG Season 5 and I am in love with the show once again. I should buy the Season 3 and Season 4 cd's. I also need to finish The Big Bang Theory, The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle and Pretty Little Liars! *Joy

I'd love to blab and blab about my 2012 goals, but this is getting too long already. For more of this, you can see My Life List over here. ;) 

I realized that life is beautiful and I've been missing a lot, but not this year. End of the world, or not. 

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