The Bambini: Stickhouse's New Gelato Flavors

Gelato is love, as they say, especially if you're mending a broken heart or just want to celebrate life. Quit the guilt trip and try a new gelato adventure at Stickhouse Philippines.

Stickhouse Philippines have been giving Filipinos a thrill on a stick since 2009 by selling authentic Italian Gelato. This Monday, January 16, 2012, they'll be adding a twist on their menu. Watch out for their newest product line, the Bambini.

Four new, fun flavors comprises the Bambini -- Choco Banana, Nutty Choco, Kid's Delight and Cookies 'n Cream. These four new flavors that comes in a new, fun size will surely delight kids and teens. Those who are young at heart might also want to give these flavors a try. Buying the new product will give the chance to own a cute book buddy.

Looking for other gelato flavors? Want to add pistachio and almonds to your gelato? Take a look at the Stickhouse Menu.

Stickhouse Philippines currently have 5 kiosks: 3 in Trinoma, 1 in SM Megamall and 1 in Eastwood.

If you're craving for ice cream, but loathes the extra fat, then go for gelato instead. Gelato has less fat, more milk and less ice cream. 

So, on Monday, it's a gelato date. *wink

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