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Jun 26, 2012

I Dream of Strawberries

Luscious strawberries as red as Snow White's lips. The biggest ones that I have ever seen. Each seed embedded on its perfect body makes the surrounding area protrude and shine. As it finally touched my lips, my heart went a flutter. I wrecked havoc on such a heavenly creation the moment I have incised its succulent flesh. It was a bittersweet moment. A sugary sensation erupted inside my mouth, its fruity aroma making its way through my nostrils, swirling all the way to my heart. It was my ambrosia.


Okay, that was a dream. I dreamt of eating the most delicious strawberries several nights ago. It was so vivid I was disappointed waking up and finding no strawberries on my bedside. Haha. And upon remembering my dream, I googled its meaning and I felt happy in a geeky, stupid kind of way. Read on. 

I got this dream interpretation from

More dream interpretations:

~ To dream you see a strawberry, indicates that you will have incredible luck. {source} 
~ Dreaming that you eat or picked strawberries, predicts that you are to enjoy true love. {source}
To dream of strawberries, is favorable to advancement and pleasure. You will obtain some long wished-for object. To eat them, denotes requited love. {source}

I saw and ate them. But, I know I know. Relying on dream interpretations is like relying on tarots and dream catchers -- fairydustlike and so unreal. But, it's kind of fun to know these. ;) 

Just a note, this post has been lagging for weeks. The dream happened weeks ago, I just couldn't fight off that heavenly feeling of waking up after a good dream. 

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