This Blog is Subjected to Content Revamping

I used to be cool in typing away my thoughts. I don't know what happened. One theory I have is that I got LN2 (Liquid Nitrogen -- that exceedingly cold substance that the Captain sprayed upon the disgusting Lizard  if you have watched Spiderman 3) all over my body, fell down from the Eiffel Tower and all of my frozen molecules delicately spread in all directions upon touching the ground. In short, I got broken. Then, I suddenly stopped writing. And reading, for that matter.


If I re read my high school articles (yes, my mom keeps them for me because she thinks I am a genius and when I moved to my current work city, she made me bring them. Cutesy, I know. She's the coolest.), I want to time travel and adorn my younger self with tulips. I write fabulously and I just don't write about the overrated love. Haha. I used to write criticisms about random things back then. Yes, I was cooler. Maybe it's time to take me back.

I think it's time for this blog to have a major content makeover. Really. Seriously. I will blog with integrity and I'd like to be fabulous again even if it's in this little, solitary, unnoticed space of mine. I'd want to make it more Thought Catalog-ish and Brain Picking-ish and Relevant-ish. Up for the challenge, I am. Get ready for my blog revamp. ;) And to that, I need to read more. Feed my brain with useful stuff and of course, talk about those things. Maybe I'll start boring my friends with those new found knowledge. And oh, if I would be successful with this, I could already cross out stop being too peachy and take my blogging to another level in My 25 on 25 List.

At this point, I'd like to make you read these cool articles which are the ultimate inspirations on my desired blog content revamp, aside from my life-long dream of becoming a professional blogger/writer.

There. And here's a sample of my high school write. I always took writing homeworks seriously back then. ;)

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