Susan Sontag's Thoughts on Love: An Illustration

A decade-long friend who has began to master the craft of living life fully has inspired me though we haven't seen each other since high school. She has set her spirits free, traveled to great places, met amazing people, continued to feed her hunger for learning and blogged about it on Joxtapose

She sent me the link to this romantic illustration of Susan Sontag's thoughts about love, ever overrated, yet still interesting and touching topic the human race has ever talked about for centuries. [And, I have to thank her for leading me to Brain Pickings. Discovered a whole deal of great stuff on this site. A definitely must-surf site.] Read on. I'll share my thoughts about it on the next post. Wouldn't want a lengthy lengthy post. ;)

Now, tell me your thoughts about this one. Did the face of anybody popped in your mind while you went through this illustration? If he/she is your husband/wife, I salute you. If he/she is your boyfriend/girlfriend, that is so sweet of you. If he/she is someone who's not your partner and you're committed, you better fix yourself. If he/she is a friend or somebody you like or even love secretly, make a move. ;) Love is an instant saturation tool of your real life film -- it makes everything more vivid. So, splash into the colors and have fun. Love is supposed to be a beautiful thing. 

Should you desire to have this in print, you can order here.

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