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Chick flicks have definitely influenced me when it comes to my idea of a perfect men, but I still bounce back to the real world and realize that no real life version of Channing Tatum can dance with me on a platform against a vermilion sunset as backdrop. So, I came up with my list on how a man can be manly and be an anti-jerk, putting in mind that I am still a real live person living in a real live world where men can always be men. 

So, how can one preserve the concept of manliness in this modern age of liberal views and cultural influences?

1. Don't bombard women with sequential and scheduled insults. I do not sincerely know what is wrong with guys like these, but telling a woman that she's fat is rude. Even if it is real or just something to irritate her, it is plain cruel. And, if you're officemates and you tell her stuff like this eveytime you eat breakfast together, don't wonder if she gets into a new breakfast club. 

2. Don't reserve your gentlemanly actions for attractive women only. There are guys who normally are jerks around plain Janes, but when this certain voluptuous, drop dead gorgeous woman walks in the door, they transform into Mr. Perfect. Men who act like this aren't consistent and their gentlemanly actions can be exclusive to a specific woman "type" which also is synonymous to temporary and fake. Men who give all women the gentleman ways that they deserve are the ones who are true gentlemen.

3. Go easy on the man ego. Men cannot take directions from women, especially when driving. They ought to pay the bills when going out on dates. However, a man's masculinity wouldn't shrink if he lets his woman do a kind thing for him. If she beat you on a Time Crisis Game. (Ahem), I am sure she would still play Basketball and miss her shots intentionally to let you win. It's basketball after all and it is your territory. Lol. On a serious note, if the girlfriend or wife is superior than you, like if she earns more than you do, then I guess it is just okay. Learn how to deal with it. Love is still love after all. Income, set that aside.

4. Real men don't kiss and tell. In our modern age, I give in that couples do actually do something that they shouldn't do. I mean. You know. That. Yes, you get it. It's Western influence. Men who actually consider sex as a sport should be banged in the face with a teflon pan. I mean seriously, is the number of women you have slept with the indicator of your manliness? If you respect women, you wouldn't act nice to them just to sleep with them in the first place. And worse, some men live to storytell their friends about it. 

5. Real men act on their own on private matters. On a lighter perspective, real men don't let their real feelings exposed to a huge group of people, especially people from work. It's just.. gay. If you have something you feel for someone, don't let your so called friends do the move for you. And, if something bad actually happened, you just don't publish the news everywhere and in real time. Text messages are strictly for the sender and receiver only, thank you.

6. Real men stand up for their women. Men don't just let their women's pride crush down. They would do everything to uplift their women, even if it means speaking up against their families, their friends, their superiors or their ex-girlfriends. This should be the case as long as what they're standing up for is right and they are not stepping on anybody else's head or feet. 

7. Men doesn't talk dirty about other men. I have came across these people and I just pity them in the end. Aside from their wasted saliva and brain cells, they have caused their own image to me to go low, rock bottom low. Bringing other men down just to bring yourself up is simply pathetic. Telling me superficial things that would make me question my decisions isn't a way to my heart. You are actually degrading yourself to me and not the person that you are talking to me about. I can think for myself, thank you very much. 

8. A real man treats his woman good even on days that he doesn't like her and on bad days. If you are a couple, I know that you are into each other, but not everyday. You need other people and other hobbies to occupy your interest -- for you to grow. But on days like these, real men just don't go rough on their women. He mustn't scream at her or vent it out at her just because he had a bad day. She is there to help you out and to make you feel better. If you feel the urge to be alone, say it in a nice way. 

9. Real men respects the views of their women. Even if you are a couple, there are things that you feel different about. If one thing is very important to your woman, even if you feel like it is a joke (it isn't to her), you must not make fun of it or her. Be sensitive and support her instead. Or better yet, if it is a hobby, try it out. Who knows, you might like it as well. It's fun being weird together. Not the freakishly weird way though.

10. Lastly, real men smell and look good. Forget the Ken-ish abs and the cement-strong biceps. These are plus points though. Real men know good hygiene like the Kojie san Men's Club does. Who would like to kiss guys with bad breath? Cuddles wouldn't be as cute if your armpits smell. Real men strive to look good, not only for their women, but for themselves as well. 

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This is my official entry to Nuffnang's and Kojie San's contest. Winners will be given tickets to the movie Taken 2. Join the contest here. Hoping to win! Somebody manly would be very delighted if we can see this movie in advance. *cross fingers*

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