Tony and Jackey Review | L'Oreal Digital Perm + Korean Hair Color

It's just May, but I have already crossed out almost 3 things from My Life List. I had my hair colored and digi permed last Friday in Tony and Jackey. As usual. I had my hair permed for the first time there almost two years ago! That was the second to the last time that I went to the parlor before going back again. Yes, I do not take care of my hair and -- err, hair, I am terribly sorry for allowing split ends to prosper and for the curls to turn back straight.

I have wanted to fix my hair for the longest time and to end my whining about that, I sucked it all in and breathe it all out. I was planning to have my hair rebonded, but I was always hesitant because my hair is soo thin. Super thin. But when I asked the Pinay assistants over there, they said that my hair would survive the treatment. Then, one Ate suggested that I do a another type of ironing the hair -- to use circular, fat irons instead of the flat one so that my hair will appear bouncy rather than limp. Oh, joy. My heart leap a beat. But she kind of failed to mention that it would cost me another Php 1,000.00. Then, she suggested that I curl my hair a different way again.

She offered me a mag with all those Korean hairstyles. Then, I picked out one. Big curls. Long hair. Side bangs. Okay, I thought. Here goes nothing. Curly again. Honestly, I was tired of being curly. I mean, I was curly and was sporting the messy hair look for like two years already. But, oh well. My hair is just so thin. I was afraid I'd look bald and that my fat cheeks would show up on the picture. Then, Ate said. Ma'am, pa color na din kayo. Kasi pag curl lang, parang ganun pa rin ng dati. Try mo din ibang kulay para maiba naman yung look niyo. Ateee, noooo! Don't push me into bankruptcy. I had to ask how much would the extra color cost. Blah blah. If my hair would look okay if straight na lang. I was totally split-hearted. Ahuhu. Then, I came up with a decision.

L'Oreal Digital Perm: Php 3,500.00 
Korean Hair Color: Php 1,400
GRAND TOTAL: Php 4,900.00

And I was disturbed for a pretty long time. I said, oDesk oDesk oDesk on Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I'm going to get you back, money. I thought that J was going to kill me because I am just so gastos. I opted for the Korean Hair Color instead of the L'Oreal because the latter costs Php 2,100.00. And I just couldn't afford that anymore. So, La la la la la la la. I killed the voice inside my head and tried to relax a bit. I browsed the internet using their screen. ;) Haba talaga ng timeline ha. Super lengthy screen nila. You can actually watch movies, but I did not because I can't even read the titles. They're in Korean. Oh well.

Tony and Jackey also has a WiFi and my iPad is with me, so my brain was like also torn on what to do. I can read Dan Brown's Inferno on iBooks, I can blog, I can surf. How I wished I could work in there to start earning so that I earn while shedding out some cash. *GUILTY*

The first thing that they did is shampoo my hair. My stylist (way back in Aug. 2011, she was my stylist too) cut my hair.

Here, after the hair cut. My hair is still jet black. Then, I had the Keratin Treatment to prepare my hair for the chemicals. After that, they applied color to my hair. The shade is Copper Brown, but I wanted that pale brown color sana. Light Chestnut Brown ata yun. Then, Ate shampooed my hair again. After that, the perming began.

Can you see the color already?!? I kind of like the color na din because it made my skin appear a hue lighter.

Perming done! Chemicals were applied to my hair, I suppose to make the curls last long.

Yey, after 3-4 hours, I am near the finish line. Steaming my hair here. My bangs were not blow dried, so was my hair. Steaming lang talaga.

Taran! The finished product. My stylist said I looked cuter. Ohh. I couldn't agree more. ;D

Mind you. Different Ate attended me on each stage of the process. It's like each has her own specialty. I didn't particularly liked the Ate who shampooed my hair the 2nd time around. She was like doing laundry. 

Which do you like better? Hehe. :)

Here are more pics of my new hairstyle. 

So, if you're thinking of having your hair permed or rebonded, I strongly suggest you go to Tony and Jackey. They have a friendly staff and the stylists are experienced and they do multi-tasking. I see other customers too and I love the end result. I envy girls who had their hair redbonded. Lol, but I am LOVIN' my new look! It is perfect. ;) Worth the money. And the time. 

Watched FF6 after that. Surprise movie date with J. He got his hair cut there too. Hair cut for men is Php300. I love his cut there. Clean. Unlike his usual cut. So, I told him to get his hair cut from TnJ from then on. 

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