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May 16, 2013

Why Marrying Young is Not My Thing

People my age and even those younger than me are already getting married. Now, you must be thinking that I am envious of them and I am here to blab my sour grapey reasons why marrying young is such a no-no. Well, marrying young is alright as long as you are ready in all aspects. So, let me give you my thoughts on why I am still single and free at this age.

1. Financially speaking, I am not stable. I may have my little savings account, but there are still no major investments, emergency fund, personal health insurance (only in the company, which is kind of unstable given the fact that resigning is always an option). Wedding calls for hundreds of thousands and marriage even calls for more. Read: house, money, car. Geez, I just purchased my very own lappy this year.

2. Waking up in the middle of the night makes me cringe. I am not yet ready to be a mother. And, I mean  breastfeeding is something I am not ready to handle yet. Though I am looking forward for the hip expansion. I seriously think my shoulders are broader than my hips.

3. As of now, I prefer to buy plane tickets than diapers, which would eventually land on the bin the morning after. Milk cost thousands and a can can be emptied in a week or less. (Unless I would want to breastfeed my baby.) So, where does that leave me? I mean, I am not ready to give up my personal motives. YET.

4. Weddings make me gushy so I am thinking that my wedding should be perfect. Me, so slim. My hair so fab. And the details all taken care of. I want a hipster wedding. You know, with those striped straws and handwritten notes. Themed snack bar and real cool photo booth. And oh, I want a perfect wedding video and pre-nuptial photos. So. This takes an awfully lot of time and money. Go figure. :)

That's all, my friends. But He only knows the perfect plans for me so I would welcome my wedding day with a big heart. ;) And I pray the proposal would be romatically witty. Not so mushy and soo put together and not too public. I would even say yes to this:


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