Wear It Your Way with Wacoal

A wrinkled bra undeniably evident behind your fitting top is definitely embarrassing and so un-lady like. For women, it is wise and just right to invest in undergarments. As my mom would say, "Always wear that undergarment that would make you look good even if you faint somewhere and you can't help it being exposed." Of course, I just translated it. Wehe. Okay, mom. Noted.

A perfect fit for the bra of requirement -- Wacoal's Wear it Your Way bra in baby blue and baby pink.

The great thing about this brassiere is that it boasts a thin padding that would go perfectly over clingy, thin shirts, the fad nowadays. It has no wire so it is friendly to our breasts without a degraded function of comfort and full support. And of course, I can wear it in whatever fashion I desire -- strapless, one-sided, conventional and center halter. 

Basically, I can wear anything inside my closet with these babies. However, one can always have favorites. As for me, my top three looks with these bra are the following..


Doing errands

Doing errands by aizanity featuring an iridescent nail 

I am no fashionista so shorts and pants is a staple. And, in being simply minimalistic, I have to make the look close to perfect. Read: no lace contours over my shirt. Wacoal has just created the T-shirt bra that makes me look fuller and crisp on top. ;)



Frisbellita by aizanity featuring over knee socks

If you have been an avid follower of this blog, you would occasionally read frisbee posts. Uh-huh, this girl could throw a forehand. I am not that VIP of a player sadly. But, I always enjoy playing on the field. Uh, take that literally please. I have my own choice of clothes when playing. Displayed above. Seriously, I sport knee-length socks with stars. And pink cleats.

Frisbee is a very active sport so it is best if your bra can entirely hold on to your boobies. You don't want them bouncing everywhere do you? We all know that rashguards are hugging our entire torso, so it is important not to have broken paddings in your bra. I always have this unifrom bra that I wear during events. Lol. It's time to throw in some Wacoal collection in there.


Company events and ladies' night wouldn't be absent in my planner, so I get to dress up dainty on some nights, or days. Outfit malfunction and peeking bra straps are always misfortunes, but I can do away with them with Wacoal Wear it Your Way brassiere collection. Plus, I get to exude confidence and sexiness all night long! :)

So there you go, readers. The ultimate outfits that I could nail when I'm using Wacoal!

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