Glad to Be Globe: Apartment Life

When you're in your early 20's and you're just starting out, you really can't do anything much because a.) You're just starting. b.) You just moved in to a new city and c.) You need to start a savings account. Back when my apartment mates and I were just starting out yet, the only entertaining thing that we can afford are a Starbucks drink a month and a monthly internet subscription.

BUT, our internet connection is just so &*#$!%$!^#! slow that I have dedicated an entire article to my previous internet service provider. Here, read:

Tips in Dealing with Your Internet Service Provider

The time came when we can't take it anymore. Good thing I walked into Globe and inquired about their DSL plan. And, upon talking to kuya, I was really impressed and excited!! When I got there,

  • A cable plan on our apartment street was already presented before my eyes. Good thing 2 nodes (or whatever you call it) are still available!
  • They've come over our house on that weekend and installed the landline and our GLOBE DSL Router.
  • Then, I have enrolled our Globe Bill to my online banking so I could just log in online and pay our bills. I am an advocate of paperless and hassle-free transactions, so that was more pogi points for Globe.
  • Then, when we finally got to try the internet, we were just so happy! :) I. can... finally.. watch.. a.. You Tube video. (in between happy sobs)

I prepared a little infographic so I can tell our story to you guys in a less boring way. Here.

True story, bro. *High Five!

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