It's been raining for days here in my country. Although I am loving the feeling, inside my room, all curled up with my blanky and my lappy beside me, I can't stop feeling selfish for there are other people who have lost their homes, their cars... people who chill all night long with just 1 piece of clothing.

I pray for my country and I pray for the rain to stop and for Maring to go away. Let us help each other.

BUT, on times like this one, we shouldn't lose our TRUST in Him. We should even pray all the MORE. To cheer you up and to remind you of His love, I am sharing this song of Jamie Grace, a super amazing God girl and Christian singer. I love her voice and the message of her songs. Check it out below.

When trouble seems to rain on my dreams, it's not a B I G, not a  b i g  deal. Let it wash all the bugs off my windshield 'cause You're showing me in You, I'm free...

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