To the Financial Advisors Congress, Off We Go

The best things in life are free, but our necessities are not. Moreover, some necessities are impossible to achieve given our current income (and fellow workers') trend or lifestyle, except if some were born rich or have sidelines and businesses.

Now, how can you buy your very own Altima or Accord if you can't save up for just a flat screen TV set? As for me, I have just decided to control my finances, while exploring ways of how to invest my money, how to increase my cash flow (not necessarily income) and how to help others in the process. :)

The point of this whole blog post is just my announcement of attending the Financial Advisors Congress this coming October!

The Financial Advisors Congress is a one-day conference for wealth managers, financial planners, private bankers, trust officers, securities brokers, insurance brokers, investment solicitors and other professionals who give financial advice and sell financial products. 

Attending the conference would credit half the points needed for being an Associate Financial Planner and I want to be one. I wouldn't want to rely on agents and brokers for my financial and real estate needs. I want to decide on my own and I want to teach others how to do it too. 

Some of the speakers will be the following already successful people:
  • J. Randell Tiongson, RFP Philippines Director 
  • Wilson Lee Flores, The Philippine Star business columnist
  • Noel Arandilla, IMG Managing Director
  • Alijeffty Gonzales, Insular Life Business Development Unit Head
  • Atty. Eleanor Roque, Punongbayan & Araullo Tax Advisory & Compliance Division Head
And guess what, as IMG members, we are entitled to more affordable conference fees and our team will be having a booth during the said conference! Weee, so excited. :) I am prepping up myself for this by reading finance materials as well. I want to be ready when that day comes. 

For more information about the conference, you can visit this page from the RFP.

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