{D} is for Doodles

Spring spells cherry blossoms. It's the happy part of the year. April is just totally awesome. It's the time when summer is like going to last eternally.

Just like the dandelions on spring, I try to blossom into a renewed, better person every time my birthday month comes. I do a set of things that I want to accomplish this year. Sort of like a bucket list, only cooler because it's a birthday bucket. April is my own January.

If you can see from my 27 Things post, you can "Finance Art" somewhere. I plan to doodle and illustrate my personal finance blog posts because I want my work to stand out and appear interesting. There are plenty of Finance blogs in the Philippines and it's difficult to stand out that's why I have been lagging on my Boomlet Diaries. I didn't have a business plan or a skeleton for my "business" to start with.

In relation to this, I'd like to announce that I am going back to my old love -- Doodling! I am planning to incorporate this to my Finance blog soon. Last weekend, I went into the Art & Hobby shop in Crescent Mall and I had this artgasm! I decided that I want some double-ended pens. Watercolor is to follow! Yay!

I picked the Vintage palette over the pastel ones because I thought I could always pale down the colors. I just can't wait to create works of art. There was a book too that I would love to buy if it wasn't 20.00. I decided that I could get by looking for tutorials and inspiration in the net.

FYI, I have doodled my way through high school and college. Helped me remembering important thoughts and words for tests. I can never memorize through memorizing plainly alone. I need doodles by the side and a funny story to go with it. 

So anyway, the book is entitled Creative Doodling and Beyond. The doodles are absolutely gorge! Of course, I am not going to copy her style. I was looking at this point as a positive side on why I did not buy the book. I might copy her if I purchased her book.

Here are some of her artworks which I sooo adore!

Show your support by visiting her Etsy shop here. So expect more Doodle-spiration in this blog! It would take some time I know. I just got inspired by quotes and sayings on doing what you love. On articles which encourage you to keep your day job while working your ass off on weekends and weekday nights doing the things you love. This is the life I want to live because...

I may not know what Dream Job I may be making, but I am getting there. Lucky me I have a man who is ready to back me up on anything that I wish to do. <3 br="">

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