My 26th Year of Existence: An Evaluation

Every time it's April, I'm feeling January all over again. I love April. See how lovely April is on this side of the world. Glad to have captured this beauty.

April is another chance to start the year anew! It's sort of tradition in my blog already. Soooo, weeks before my birthday, I always try to check where I stand on my goals. Let's get started, shall we?

So, below were my goals for my 26th year. Yay, I'm excited to tick off goals already!

{1} Write with wit | Edit {I guess I am happier with my writing career this year. I have posts published on financial websites. So I guess my niche is starting to show already -- Finance! }
{2} Cook | Kitchenwares {I cook well! My housemates said so. If you're gonna head on to my Instagram, you'll find the dishes that I have cooked. Here's one.}

{3} Flat stomach | Bikinis {epiccc fail, as always. but I wore a bikini!}

{4} Ultimate Frisbee | Cut | Score | Road trip {Managed to play better this year! Got some stats, but I guess CL is not CL anymore. We gotta go build a new team soon!}
{5} Invest | Stocks | MF {Bought Kaiser Healthcare this year and invested in a couple of stocks. Mutual Funds, wait for me when I go back to Philly!}
{6} Bible Study | Serve more [ongoing: May 5, 2013 Singles for Christ] {kind of flunking on this one. Goota join The Feast fellowship soon!}
{7} Continue learning | Online courses: EDX, Allison P {Wanted to, but just don't have time for this. But, I'm going to a real school now for my Techno MBA.}
{8} Samsung Lappy | Windows 8 [May 10, 2013]
{9} Pretty Lights | Bedroom | Front porch {FAILLLL! I've read somewhere that it isn't good to expose yourself to a lot of LEDs.}
{10} Art | DIYs | Crafts {FAILLLL. Continue this year!}
{11} Online Career | Grow | Portfolio {Started them out, but haven't maintained them. But I will. I WILL!}
{12} Organize home | Clean {Sort of. Lol.}
{13} Sony NEX Camera | Snap | Be snapped {Nopee. Going for a Nikon D5200 this year!}
{14} Moolah online | Ads | oDesk { Got an oDesk job almost the whole year round and offered a writing position a couple of times, but I have to turn them down. Priorities.}
{15} Underwater Cam | Summery pics {Bf will buy Go Pro Hero 3! Just in time for our summer adventures!}
{16} Become a Novice | Illustrator | Graphic Artist | Web Designer {FAILLLL! Still on my list!}
{17} Beach babe | Snorkel | Surf {Surfed 3x in Baler! Yahoo!}

{18} Travel abroad | Mom | J {Didn't. Plans this year, hope so.}
{19} Generous Provider | Contentment {Yes, I believe so.}
{20} Health Insurance | Aunts {Bought Kaiser Healthcare! As for my aunts, I'm still on the look out for what will work for their long-term healthcare.}
{21} Fashion Forward | Closet revamp | Hair fix {Not so much with clothes. But, I got pieces I'm comfortable to wear. Thanks to contest vouchers. Haha. And had a digi perm last year.}

{22} House {Uhm, no not a priority. Wouldn't go for real estate investing anytime soon. I moved in to a new apartment though!}
{23} Books | Read | Blog {Not satisfied with my progress. Amph. But been reading a lot of interesting articles that I can't stop blabbing to people who eat lunch with me.}
{24} Best ME | Kind-hearted {I guess I have improved as a person. ;) Or feeler lang ako. I}
{25} Volunteer | Help | Charity {Done little good stuff this year, but I am going for the BIG one this year, I hope.}
{26} Business | Think | Innovate {Did a little startup with a couple of like-minded people. We have big dreams for it. We're getting there. We are passionate about spreading financial literacy in the Philippines and we're called Finance Pinoy.}

My score is... tantananannnn... 14. Aww, kinda low. 53% only?!?! But, why do I feel like an accomplished adult this year. Did I set a higher standard? Last year's score was 68%. Oh well.

The reason for this maybe was that He showered me with blessings I didn't even ask for. 
Like this trip to Limerick and a brand new phone and the ability to help others more and to stand up for what I believe is the good thing. And the pardon for my mistakes and the happy result of J's check up and my new pet, Jai Jai and a whole lot lot lot LOT MORE.

I'm sooo much grateful. Forever thankful. Forever going to bring back all the glory to You, Lord. I'll try harder to show my faith this year. ;} My 26th was a blast, but I'm sure my 27th is gonna be SUPERB!  

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